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Strong Defense After A Drug Crime Arrest

If you’ve been accused of a drug offense in Louisiana, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight the charges or limit the consequences. Since 1999, the Law Office of Alan Stegallhas defended clients accused of drug charges.

I represent the accused in Shreveport, Bossier City and surrounding communities of northern Louisiana, as well as nearby communities of Texas. Before you talk to police or take your chances in court, call me at 318-386-4371 for a free consultation.

Experience With All Levels Of Drug Charges

Drug offenses have different standards and carry different penalties, depending on the specific controlled substance and the amount. In 20-plus years of practice, I have handled all different drug crimes, including:

  • Drug possession – Possession occurs when a person owns illegal drugs or knowingly obtains them. It can also occur when a person is caught in the vicinity of illegal drugs, such as a carful of friends. A person can be charged with possession simply for holding drugs for someone else.
  • Drug use – Use is when a person consumes drugs. This can pertain to illegal narcotics as well as legal drugs (prescription drugs) that were not obtained in a lawful manner. You do not have to be “high” to be charged with use.
  • Distribution – Distribution refers selling or giving away illegal drugs. You can also be charged with the crime of possession with intent to distribute based on a certain amount of drugs in possession, even if there is no other evidence of dealing.
  • Manufacture – This refers to the creation, purification or conversion of drugs into illegal drugs, and carries very stiff penalties.
  • Drug trafficking — Trafficking is an umbrella term for selling, transporting or importing controlled substances. It is often charged solely on the quantity of drugs seized.

Louisiana Drug Charge Penalties

Marijuana possession charges are relatively minor. However, other illegal drug charges can be considered felonies. The penalties depends on the amount of drugs involved, whether or not the accused has a criminal history and other factors. The punishment for a felon drug conviction can include incarceration in jail or prison, fines, the loss of your right to own or possess a firearm, and the loss of your right to vote. The criminal record can also close doors for future employment. housing, education or obtaining loans.

Our goal is to avoid a conviction is possible or mitigate the harsh penalties. We will evaluate your case for any procedural errors and hold law enforcement accountable for any illegal tactics used against you, such as Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations. We will ensure that the criminal process is handled properly and that your constitutional rights are protected.

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